BIBAMAS, pronounced "by-bam-uhz," are the first-ever Bible Pajamas based on Biblical heroes. The word Bibamas comes from blending the word “Bible” with “Pajamas.” Bibamas are Bible Pajamas and are perfect Christmas PJ gifts for your kids! Bible Pajamas will help children think more about Bible heroes and encourage them to look up to these real-life heroes in the same way children look up to and emulate imaginary super heroes. Each pair of these powerful Bible Pajamas is designed to inspire faith, obedience, courage, and love in the children that will wear them.

Bibamas (Bible Pajamas) was created as a way to help children love the Bible and remember to have faith like Moses, courage like Esther, and be obedient like Daniel when they go to bed each night.

BIBAMAS Pajamas are currently made of soft, 100% Flame-Resistant, Polyester. The Christmas Nativity pajama bottoms are made of Polar Fleece. BIBAMAS have passed all safety tests and are manufactured in a manner that meets all guidelines and safety regulations outlined by the US Consumer Product Safety Council.

BIBAMAS Bible Pajamas are available in sizes 12 months to 10 years. Sizes may vary depending on the child's individual measurements.